David L. Brown

Attorney David Brown has had a variety of assignments since 1996, when he graduated from law school. He was an attorney for Wells Fargo Bank, a Prosecutor, and an Associate for our office. In 2006 he became a senior partner and owner at BPR. Dave’s attraction to the subject of law, and his reason for going to law school, is and was to help people in need.

During his employment at BPR he has handled trial after trial, ranging from contract disputes to family law issues to the heaviest felonies. Little by little, his interest shifted to Probate and Trust matters, until today his focus is primarily Trust and Estate work, including all phases of Probate litigation.

He also works with Asset Protection matters, such as business entities and partnership creation.

David Brown remains our senior trial attorney and continues to dedicate his career to helping those in need.


Graduate Hamline School of Law
1996 Consortium Golden Gate Law School
1995-1996 Former Deputy District Attorney
Proficient in Japanese

David L. Brown

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